Train Your Brain

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback is a unique, leading edge, state-of-the-art, Neurofeedback system that works directly with the psychological healing and transformational capacity of the Brain and the Central Nervous System (CNS).

After many years’ experience with multiple Neurofeedback systems and realising the limitations of a classical approach, Dr Valdeane Brown from the ZENGAR institute in Canada utilised his comprehensive knowledge to  generate a remarkable breakthrough in Neurofeedback technology. Most importantly, Dr Brown recognised the CNS as a Nonlinear Dynamical System and understood its complexity, interactivity with other body and environmental systems, its dynamic operation, self-organising ability, and profound transformational capacity. Appreciating the brain could not be understood adequately via existing approaches, he designed a Neurofeedback system from the ground up to engage the incredible natural capacity of the CNS for healing, improved performance, and transformation; so as to bring about profound change with ease and simplicity.

NeurOptimal® monitors a broad EEG spectrum from both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously, rather than focusing on content or any particular EEG frequency as do other systems. The specially designed computer software and EEG hardware is designed to detect a particular type of turbulence that is characteristic of a transformational system operating less than optimally, this system, namely your brain is unable to utilize its processing and transformational capacity optimally. Such sub-optimal processing is generally caused by stress and lifestyle factors inherent in living in the modern world. This turbulence detection, is unique to NeurOptimal®, and the information is fed back into the Brain in real time via auditory and visual perception, which enables a natural fluid improvement: Particularly in terms of processing efficiency, stability, adaptability, resiliency, and increased transformational ability. Qualities that are essential for healing, performance and improved behavioral outcomes.

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