Why Use NeurOptimal?

Unlike other neurofeedback systems, NeurOptimal is designed to focus on the central nervous system – the hub of all functions in the human body.

Our clients typically find NeurOptimal neurofeedback systems effective in resolving issues in five general categories:

  • Wellness and Personal Growth
  • Slowing the Effects of Brain Aging
  • Achieving an Artistic or Athletic Performance Edge
  • Help with Specific Cognitive, Emotional, or Physical Challenges (e.g., ADHD, anxiety, chronic pain)
  • Enhancing Academic Performance

With optimal functioning of the Central Nervous System being trained, the benefits of NeurOptimal® can be wide ranging and far reaching. Maintaining stability of processing is very important and fundamental to good health and realisation of potential. Stability enables the CNS to function efficiently bringing about profound healing with improved performance in most aspects of living. Improved ability to process and integrate life experience brings forward new understanding and releases bound psychological energy for transformation and action.

Improved flexibility and adaptability means a reduction in grasping and the resultant suffering with increased learning and transformation. Increased awareness results in a mindfulness that further enhances healing, learning, improvement and transformation.

Broadly speaking, the benefits of Training with NeurOptimal® are increased stability, flexibility, adaptability, and greater resilience of Central nervous system functioning. Whilst NeurOptimal® is not a treatment and does not target any specific issue, because of the innovative way it works, many specific beneficial outcomes emerge that are appropriate for that individual. Below is a collation of individual benefits often reported by People who have trained on NeurOptimal®.

Improved eye hand coordination, Calmer mind, Effortless resolution of old wounds & issues, improved mind body coordination, Trauma recovery,Increased awareness, Relaxation, Improved meditation, Efficient information processing,Mood stability, Improved cognitive functioning, Accelerated learning, Greater awareness of energy, Better & easier decision making, Increased productivity, More presence, Increased self-control, Acceptance and integration, Enhanced well being.

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