Social Meditations

Social Meditations were first developed by Veeresh in 1989. Since then they have spread to over 35 countries around the world.

Basically, it is the art of using the other like a mirror to see yourself. Social Meditation will guide you to dance, meet people and express yourself. As these activities nourish your body and mind, you will lead naturally into a space of stillness and meditation.

AUM Meditation
The AUM (Awareness Understanding Meditation) is an interactive social exercise which takes you on a journey of self discovery. It is an adventure and with the help of others who become your mirrors you will be able to see yourself clearly.

The fourteen stages take you from one polarity to another via emotional expression, dancing, bioenergetic exercise and encounter. You experience releasing everything in your noisy and emotional body/mind and move into emptiness and inner silence. From this space you start to reconnect with your true nature. Releasing stress and pent-up feelings creates more clarity and well-being within yourself and others.

Our Sacred Earth Meditation
“Our Sacred Earth” is a way of celebrating our deep, joyful connection to the Earth and strengthening our commitment to taking care of her.

Our Sacred Earth

“Be loving to the earth. Sow the seeds of love on the earth. The question is not for you to enter into some paradise in the skies. On the contrary, the question is how to transform this earth into paradise. It has all the potential.” 

Particularly the Dance and Shaking values deepen our connection to our inner lives, community and our beautiful planet.

“Our Sacred Earth” is a dance meditation with a similar sequence to 5 Rhythms, 10 tracks, alternating dancing and shaking, followed by witnessing (sitting like a Buddha), guided relaxation and finally hugging and meeting each other.

Samasati Meditation
This version of the Samasati Meditation has been created by Veeresh. He drew his inspiration from Osho’s vision of dying consciously and the Tibetan Book of the Dead, also known as Bardo.

Samasati Meditation

For me Samasati means, you are from the very beginning a Buddha, you are a Buddha now and you will always be a Buddha – remember this!

My mother’s death was my motivation to make this meditation. I now realize that it is also a preparation for my own death one day.

The purpose of this meditation is to bring awareness to the denial and fear people have regarding death. The goal of this meditation is to practice the art of witnessing rather than reacting to situations and circumstances.

Be aware and remember that since you are alive, you must not take your life as granted. Choose the position: I will always value my life.

Appreciating my life means waking up every morning and looking into the mirror, and saying to myself, I am so happy to be alive!”

The first six stages are an opportunity to practice dying consciously, a rehearsal for the end of life. The remaining four stages are a reminder to live totally and cherish each moment.

Why does the modern man need new techniques of meditation?

“In Buddha’s time, dynamic methods of meditation were not needed. People were more simple, more authentic. They lived a more real life. Now, people are living a very repressed life, a very unreal life. When they don’t want to smile, they smile. When they want to be angry, they show compassion. People are false, the whole life pattern is false.

People are just acting, not living. Many incomplete experiences go on being collected, piled up inside their minds.

Just sitting directly in silence won’t help. The moment you will sit silently, you will see all sorts of things moving inside you; you will feel it almost impossible to be silent.  First throw those things out so you come to a natural state of rest. Real meditation starts only when you are at rest.” 
Osho, from the book The Discipline of Transcendence

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