Profound Effects

“The effects during and after my 16 sessions with Peter Kabir from Flowing Balance Consulting were profound and I experienced an immediate result already during the first session, as my body released tension from a trauma I have carried from a near car crash.
During the sessions I watched a changing happening in my old patterns of communication in a difficult relationship. Using these insights I was able to communicate with love, respect and clarity.
The result was unexpected and beautiful.”
P.R. 70 years young

Overall Well-Being

“When I first started the NeurOptimal training – I questioned ‘how does this work’, ‘How can this improve the health of the brain?’, ‘How will I know the difference?’ ‘Will I be a genius tomorrow?’ (The answer is no to that one – its not a brain transplant after all).

And then I stopped asking and just decided to proceed with the training. The information out there says it works and improves the health of the brain. No one can explain how (and I suppose that secret is with the inventors of this system). My own advice ‘you need not worry so much about how it works’, I don’t really know how an airplane engine works – but I still will travel by air and yes it works.

After two weeks back in London and after 21 sessions of NeurOptimal in India, I do feel a difference to my behaviour.

The situations that I have observed so far are:
– I feel less negatively reactionary to an inconvenient situation – it feels like my brain won’t allow me to ‘flare up’ and ‘get angry’ about unnecessary things (even if I do an invisible thread pulls me back into regularity very quickly).
– I procrastinate a little less.
– I feel less distracted and more focused on whatever is in front of me.
– I am a little more organised than usual.
– Stress seems to be at bay – I feel less anxious and nervous.
– I feel more aware of what I need – how I am eating – if I am getting full, if I am using too much water from the tap – generally internally aware of how I am behaving.
– I have been driving back on the roads in the UK and my peripheral and central vision appears to be sharper.
– It’s improved my reading capacity and focus to the page that I am reading (something I always had trouble with).
– I’m sleeping better and I am getting up without any issues.
– My brain perhaps feels a little fresher and younger.
– I definitely feel a little more ‘optimised’ and ‘improved’. All the little tasks that I have carried out so far – do not appear to be a ‘problem’ it definitely appears to me that an ‘internal road block’ has been cleared away – which is exciting – as this can make way for the new.

Observing myself; the changes are very subtle so far – but the exciting thing is that they are there. And it’s definitely NeurOptimal that has done this.

I get the feeling more changes are going to rise to the surface. However they will need time to show through in various situations.
So far I am very excited and confident that NeurOptimal has worked for me – I Thoroughly Recommend a little Mental ‘Reset’ and Training to anyone.”
Syreeta Makan, Mumbai/London

NO in one paragraph, from Valdeane Brown, founder and developer of NeurOptimal:

“OK, it’s likely to seem a rather dense, “hard science” kind of jargon but here is a one paragraph summary of what NO is and what it does, without revealing mathematical specifics:Interruptions in the audiovisual streams are generated by the software detecting acute changes of emergent variability in the electrical activity of the brain: ie turbulence. Turbulence precedes a change in the phase state in all non-linear dynamic systems and the brain is a non-linear, dynamical system that is self-organizing based on information value. Turbulence in the energy flow of such a system indicates a change in the value of information of that system, both with respect to its external environment, but also with respect to its internal environment. The interruptions produced by NO can provide a trigger for the “Orienting Response” in the brain. This is due to the variation of the value of the information that has been received by the brain to that time. The “Orienting Response” prompts the brain to “Return To Present” and perceive what is really happening both inside and outside so that it can make a decision on what to do next: that is, how to self-organize and continue to change state or to release the potential phase-state change that was announced by the interrupt, thereby, returning to the state just preceding the turbulence. If this response to the potential phase-state change, leads to a decrease in overall discomfort to the brain, it will continue to use that comprehensive behavioral repertoire.”
Valdeane W. Brown, Ph.D.  Synchronization Through Chaos

Some fantastic benefits

“I spent 10 day living with Kabir. They have a beautiful home in a great location. Only 15 minutes from the beach by bike. While there I had several Neuro Feedback session on their NeurOptimal system. WOW!!! I have had some fantastic benefits from these sessions. After the session I found that my mind was much more calm. I was able to go deeper during meditation and my mind was more relaxed. It was really when I came back to Ireland after my India trip that I really noticed the changes after the NeurOptimal sessions. I noticed I was less anxious and more confident in situations I would not have been so confident in before. I’m more focused and enthusiastic about work and other things going on in my life. I find myself more confident when dealing with people. I’m continuing to have NeurOptimal sessions in Ireland. I have been so impressed by NeurOptimal that I am seriously considered buying a system to use in my clinic and combine it with Kinesiology sessions. .”
Michael Mulcahy, Ireland

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