How it works

When you come to my practice, you sit in a very comfortable and relaxing zero gravity chair. Its position takes all pressure off your spine, which is very helpful when training your brain and resetting your central nervous system.

A total of five sensors are attached to your scalp and your ears with a conductive paste. In addition you’ll have ear buds in your ears through which you listen to relaxing music. The sensors record the faint electrical impulses your brain generates and feed them through an amplifier to a computer. A sophisticated software program analyses the output of your brain in real time and whenever it notices an imbalance or instability, it will insert a short pause into the music you’re hearing. This will sound to you like crackles or scratches in an old record. This is the feedback the computer provides to your brain.

The brain’s natural state is homeostasis (balance and equilibrium) from which it is prevented by your hang-ups. By receiving these feedback signals during a session, the brain is able to recognize its imbalances and instabilities and will attempt to correct them. Over time, it will be successful and return to balance. This process happens on the subconscious level and requires no participation from your side, or mine, for that matter. All you do is relax and enjoy and let your brain do the work.

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A relaxed way to support our youngster.

It is very important to understand that NeurOptimal® is not an invasive or directive therapy as other Neurofeedback systems are.

There is no diagnosis necessary as no treatment is taking place. Decisions are not being made about what your brain should look like, and it is not being pushed or pulled in any pre-determined direction. Nor is there any stimulus being used for entrainment or any other form of intervention. Rather, NeurOptimal® is peaceful non-directive training assisting the natural capacity of the brain and body for healing, personal growth, learning, performance improvement, and transformational evolution.

As your brain returns to balance, its effectiveness will increase and you’ll become more calm, relaxed, clear, centered, focused, creative, energetic, upbeat and happy. The overall quality of your life increases. Things that used to annoy or stress you lose their power. You’ll sleep better, become a better parent, friend, lover, associate and co-worker.
A balanced brain will literally reset the central nervous system which is responsible for everything that goes on in your body. Brain training works quickly, without drugs and without side-effects.

While it is possible to “zoom in” to address particular problems you might have, the method I’m using works in more holistic ways by always looking at and giving feedback to the whole brain. It’s like holding a mirror up to your brain so that it can see where it’s not working optimally and can then decide on its own what to do about it and how to improve. This way you might experience changes in unexpected areas that are related and crucial to the areas you actually came to improve. Overall your desired results will be safer and more stable like this, but in some cases might take a little longer.

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